Dynamic Marine Boatworks

Her images and articles have been published in magazines, newsletters, newspapers and websites including Wreck Diving Magazine, ScubaNation USA, NC Aquarium, calendars, posters. Her video images have been televised on the local news stations, ABC News, Walt Disney and Good Morning America series/episodes.

Smith served over six years as staff marine surveyor for Jamestown Distributors performing inspections, analyzing problems and offering solutions for yacht, boat, dock and trailer problems. Additionally, he instructed marine professionals and amateurs in the proper use of boat and dock construction and repair products. Smith also provided analysis of new products for market consideration. Furthermore, he established and managed Hazardous Materials Compliance program and OSHA Compliance/employee safety programs for clients.

Utilizing data mining and dynamic web content application and portal development and environmental spatial mathematical modeling, Joe has expertly prepared detailed weather and operational impact forecasts including aviation, marine, ground and oceanographic, for the U.S. Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Center. He has developed meteorological procedures for the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense Cruise Missile Program and has been responsible for GIS and meteorology project management.

Joe has conducted weather analysis for litigation support in insurance, maritime, tort, and pollution civil cases, and criminal cases involving homicide, insurance fraud, and animal abuse cases. His exceptional written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills enable him to effectively and concisely relay his scientific and technical knowledge to any audience.

Having been involved with both the initial cultural resource preservation movement and the advent of various technological developments, Wilbanks pioneered new ways to use the new technology to improve the ability to search in dark waters for lost articles, and to definitively map the articles location to enable the return to the precise location for recovery, advanced exploration, and other purposes.

The procedures Wilbanks developed and used for locating and mapping cultural resource targets have also proved useful in other industries. Today, about half of the Wilbanks work is for the discovery of cultural resources, and the remaining work is for various industries associated with marine environments including insurance companies and the government.

For cultural resource surveys, the survey vessel normally uses a minimum of 3 experienced archaeological professionals, including a US Coast Guard licensed captain and a backup, and two underwater archaeologists. All three are experienced in diving in limited and zero visibility water.

Lacovara is the originator and developer of the Certified Composites Technician (CCT) program. Over 3,000 participants have earned industry credentials through this widely acknowledged professional development program. In addition, he has served as editor of the Composites Research Journal.

As an industry educator he has developed numerous training programs and delivered hundreds of presentations at industry conferences and meetings. In the course of this work he has had the opportunity to visit and consult with a large number of composites manufacturing facilities both in the U.S. and abroad. Because of his work within the ACMA Technical and Government Affairs Committees, Lacovara has a broad perspective of the composites manufacturing industry.

Lacovara is one of a handful of global experts in the measurement of styrene emissions, having developed the fundamental technology and testing protocols for the quantification of emissions from the composites manufacturing process. These protocols are the centerpiece of industry and EPA emissions factors.

Steven Abrams is a Computer Forensic Expert and Licensed Attorney. He is licensed in the State of South Carolina and the District of Columbia. Abrams operates and maintains a fully equipped, state of the art Digital Forensics Lab located in Charleston, South Carolina.

Abrams has previously been a licensed private investigator in South Carolina and New York. In 2004, Abrams was named Investigator of the Year by the South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators. Additionally, Abrams teaches computer forensics and computer law extensively in training symposia and CLEs for military, law enforcement, private investigators, and attorneys.